Cardiff Council's Leisure Activity Database - Help Facility

Searching for Activities

You can choose different ways of searching for information by clicking on one of the different buttons on the left hand side of the screen. The different methods of searching allow you to select activities depending on whether you have something specific in mind or are simply interested in finding out more information.

The Search page allows you search on multiple fields. These are activity title, activity venue, day, content and instructer. Partial words can also be entered. E.g. entering "swim tues llan" would find all swimming activities at Llanishen Leisure Centre on Tuesday.

The Browse page presents all activities under four different headings. Activity Area, Venue, Age and Day. This allows numerous ways of finding information on all the leisure activities.

The A-Z page lists all the activity titles in alphabetical order.

Navigating the Web Site

To expand the details of any item, click on the Information Image. There are also buttons which will display more information about an activity, and also information about the activity venue. If you are not sure where the venue us located, there is also a link to multimap. There is a back button to take you to the previous page.

The main activity lists are limited to 25 per page. Where there are more then 25 items, the page button links will be active.

You can optionally sort the columns in the activity lists where applicable. The Orange background indicates the current sort order.